message from the Greneral Director

General Director MASAHIKO KAMATA

Welcome to Long Duc Industrial Park

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is one regional economic block of 10 countries, members of ASEAN, with more than 6 billion citizen will be expected to establish in 2015. People are expecting to be a ASEAN Economic Community with stability, prosperity, in which free movement of goods, free movement of capital, free movement of labor due to improvements such as “abolition of tariffs in the region”, “facilitation in trade”, “investment liberalization”

In order to enhance the connectivity of ASEAN, ongoing to prepare infrastructure, with “Northern – Southern economic corridor” connecting with Thailand and China, “East-West economic corridor” connecting Vietnam with Myanmar and “Southern economic corridor”. Especially, the geographical importance of the regions surrounding Ho Chi Minh City – the South of Vietnam, is one starting of the South economic corridor – is also enhanced.

From establishment of economic corridors which effectiveness of goods movement to India, Middle East, Africa, Europe from the East of South East Asia region will be more enhanced, and ASEAN will be destination attracting more investment. Surrounding Ho Chi Minh City, the South of Vietnam, there are 2 border gates to go to abroad as Cat Lai port – very convenient, and Cai Mep – Thi Vai port – a central port of ASEAN, that is why Vietnam has great advantages of transportation. In this southern region of Vietnam, Long Duc area in Dong Nai province adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City has many people from Ho Chi Minh City and is identified as “strategic area”.

In recent years, ASEAN is not only place with cheap labor cost, but also more and more holds attraction of one market. “Expanding consumer confidence of the middle class” is main factor supporting the growth of countries emerging recently. Center is six major ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), expending middle class (annual income per household is over 5,000USD ~ near 35,000USD); in addition, fluctuation in this class also creates people with average income rising more and more.

Even in Vietnam, consumer awareness, consumer trend, as well as penetration level of modernization lifestyle has quickly accessed to market in big cities of developing countries, typically as Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi. Rising awareness of consumers and consumer trend is entry of modernizing that lifestyle in Ho Chi Minh City, accessing market in developing countries, in urban areas surrounding Hanoi. In the context of the further improvement of economic growth and income in the future, it is expected the demand shipping from “focusing on price” to “services and products with high quality”. For Japanese Companies which focus on “high quality”, business opportunities will increase more and more. In order to realize these opportunities, I think we should have business strategy.

Our Long Duc industrial park has infrastructure with high quality, Japanese staffs on duty so we will provide all services from the smallest service. We are looking forward to your Investment.

What kind of support do we provide to tenants

Before moving in
  • ● Apply for company setup on your behalf
  • ● Obtain company seal
  • ● Introduce of Consultants to support of creating an Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ● Advise on obtaining visa, work permit for non-Vietnamese
  • ● Introduce real estate agent for non-Vietnamese
  • ● Introduce Accounting Firm, Law Firm, etc
  • ● Aid in personnel recruitment
  • ● Provide support for any other issues whenever possible
After moving in
  • ● Professional management by Japanese staffs stationed at site
  • ● Stable supply of power/water and operating wastewater treatment system around the clock
  • ● Exchange the latest information (national staff salary, counter-measure for strikes, corporate income tax, personal income tax, etc)
  • ● Social gatherings, golf competitions, etc
  • ● Support for application by a representative or prepare doccuments for updating related to Registered Investment Licenses, Commercial Registration License.

The first Sojitz Corporation Industrial Park project in Vietnam. This industrial park is operated through a joint venture established in 1996 between Sojitz Corporation and Thai Son Group, a company under the Vietnam Ministry of Defense. Located north of Long Duc Industrial Park, LOTECO's 100ha development area of is now fully occupied.

Sojitz Corporation

Sojitz is one of the largest General Trading Companies of Japan which has 98 brach offices and almost 500 afliates all over the world. With the experience and knowledge accumulated through our many years in Vietnam, Sojitz developed Long Binh Techno Park in the same Dong Nai Province in 1996, selling out all the developed land. We continue to operate it to this day. In addition, we are also developing industrial parks just outside of Jakarta (Indonesia), Chennai (India). Based on the know-how collected from these experiences, we are confident we can respond to the various needs of investors.

Daiwa House Industry Co.

Daiwa House Industry has been developing overseas real estate such as commercial facilities, town houses, and mansions in Dalian, Suzhou, Wuxi, and Changzhou, China. We have an extensive track record in developing industrial parks within Japan as well, providing comprehensive support which includes not only facility construction, but everything from business model consultation and post-construction follow-ups. Utilizing the know-how gained through our domestic and overseas business, this is our first time taking part in overseas industrial park development.

Kobelco Eco-Solutions Co., Ltd

Kobelco Eco-Solutions established the local entity - Kobelco Eco-Solutions Vietnam in 2010 to use the experience and know-how cultivated from our water treatment and environmental equipment business in Japan to develop a business model which includes everything down to follow-up services. We have introduced a total solution package to the Long Duc Industrial Park which meets Vietnamese environment standards and minimizes negative impact on the environment, as well as including our customer service.

Sojitz Tourist Corporation

Established as an in-house travel agency for Sojitz Corporation, Sojitz Tourist has experience in arranging overseas travel (air ticket, visa, hotel, site attendance, etc) for more than 1,400 companies. Currently, we are focusing on planning group tours to the industrial park and opportunities for companies to observe operations within the park. We also plan to cooperate with Vietnamese tourism companies to set up a tour desk inside Long Duc Industrial Park as we hope to provide our customers with a wide range of services.

Sojitz Insurance Agency Corporation

Sojitz Insurance Agency Corporation has provided continuous support as an insurance agency to Sojitz in launching businesses all around the world, and utilizing the advantages gained from that relationship, we are now ready to offer full support to the tenants of Long Duc Industrial Park. We provide a diverse range of insurance products in response to clients' needs.
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