Infrastructure Service


Long Duc Industrial Park - Land Use Plan

Standard Rental Factory

Factories, well equipped with principle infrastructure facilities, will be set up within the park. The standard rental factory meets the needs of tenants, providing quick startup, minimized cost of initial investment, and the use of a rental factory as an intermediary step before moving to a larger factory.

We can build order-made factories as client’s request except standard factories with rentable space.

Logistics Warehouses

By providing one-stop logistics services such as import/export, customs clearance, storage, and delivery transport, Sojitz Logistics Co., Ltd aims to optimize convenience for tenants' business.
Customs Clearance
Delivery Transport
Logistics Warehouses
Bonded Warehouses, General Warehouses
  • High quality warehouse operation and logistics service
  • Bonded goods stored under name of factory, supplier
Customs Clearance, Import/Export Proxy Services
  • Inventory control by Warehouse Management System
  • Provide logistics related systems including order control, loading, inventory control, etc
Domestic Transport, Container Drayage, Transport within the Industrial Park
  • Product collection, delivery and transport to domestic clients
  • Raw materials, parts to delivered via Just In Time + Milk-run System
Machinery, Equipment, and International Transport Services
  • International transport for factory construction materials, machinery, and equipment
  • Support for procedures involving tax exemption or reduction of capital goods
International transport
  • Drayage transportation for import/export containers.
  • International transport over sea and air; inland international transport via the Asian corridor
Logistics Control System
  • Customs clearance procedures completed in a smooth and timely manner
  • Outsourcing for complicated import-export procedures

Sojitz Logistics Co., Ltd

Sojitz Logistics is working to strengthen our logistics service lineup to help overseas investors to reduce the cost and burden of project development. We hope investors will utilize our ”Industrial Park Logistics Service”, a one-stop solution which can be tailored to meet each of your logistical needs.

Telecommunications/IT Infrastructure

The optical fiber inside Long Duc Industrial Park was installed by KDDI. We plan to set up an IT infrastructure system which can support a factory's operations from the moment a company moves into the industrial park. Once the factory is up and running, we also provide a one-stop IT package which includes internet service.
Optical Fiber Cable Installation

There is also an IT center set up inside the park. By utilizing the optical fiber network installed in the park, we provide a high security, high speed telecommunications network free of bottlenecking.

Customer Support Deskv

We have set up a customer support desk, not only to support our tenants in regards to IT-related applications, but also to respond to any kind of IT-related inquiries. Trading and renting services for telephones, mobile phones,personal computers, servers, etc. are also available.

Operations Support/Total Support

We support tenants through a number of IT infrastructure systems which they can begin to use concurrent with the start of their factory's operations. We also provide operational support after the factory is up and running through operation surveillance, the IT help desk, and IT staff dispatch. Also available are outsourcing services for IT related issues.

KDDI Vietnam

KDDI Vietnam is an overseas subsidiary of KDDI Co., Ltd. The company provides diversified communications services and solutions from fixed-line to mobile. We provide both global and local comprehensive IT solutions to our customers in Vietnam by coordinating with our group branches and offices, not only in Japan but around the world.
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