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The Geographical Features of Hanoi

The Capital, Hanoi, is located in the North near the Chinese border, and the city has a history of trade with China.

Geographical Features of Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Vietnam, and being located in the center of the ASEAN region, it is expected that relations with the other ASEAN nations will increase in the future.

Since 8/2010 , AFTA-ATIGA replaced for AFTA-CEPT and came into effect since 8/2010.
A part of tariffs on goods has become free (the 7% of tariffs will be flexible until 2018) by 01/2015,and free flow of goods is not only zero tariffs but the removal of non-tariff barriers as well among ASEAN members from 2018.

Trade Intensifying Among ASEAN Countries
※AFTA-ATIGA is Trade in Goods Agreement in ASEAN Free Trade Area.

Cross-border transportation has increased thanks to broadening markets and developments in the international division of labor. An Asia highway network is also under development to create a transportation system between the ASEAN countries and China.

Since AFTA-ATIGA came into effect, flow of goods has being free among the ASEAN countries.

CBTS (Cross-Border Transportation Service) via Truck
*Sojitz Logistics Corporation is the first Japanese company to implement a CBTS through Southern Economic corridor (Vietnam - Cambodia - Thailand).
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